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By evocept
CompactFlash > Flash and Hard Drive Duplication
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Product ID: ECF743C
Price (RRP): $4,999 inc. GST

Model: CopyFlash 43 Target
Media: CompactFlash
Recordable Formats: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32
Warranty: 1 Year RTB

CopyFlash CompactFlash 43 Target

Now you can duplicate your CompactFlash based information as easily as your CDs or DVDs with the evocept CopyFlash Compact Flash Duplication tower. Totally PC independent, the CopyFlash towers gives you a high speed copier with zero risk of virus infection. Featuring 44 independent or simultaneous CompactFlash slots, the towers support most comon file formats and can operate in both synchronous and asynchronous modes. Offering Copy, Compare and Copy + Compare and Erase functions. These machines are super fast and will amaze you.
Note: If the CompactFlash source capacity is less than the on-board memory once buffered, ALL CompactFlash slots become asynchronous targets. If the CompactFlash source is greater than the on-board memory once buffered the target Flash slots become simultaneous targets.


  • 256 MB Onboard memory
  • 43 CF Slots capable of 30MB per second transfer rate
  • Simple 4 button user interface
  • LCD Display
  • Firmware update via Compact Flash

Please Note: 15 target version show here – image for illustration purposes only

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